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Polar Bear History
Polar Bear Water Distillers were originally developed and brought to market in the early 1970's. The introduction of a reliable distiller suitable for residential use gave consumers the ability to have Pure Drinking Water available irrespective of their water source. This was extremely valuable to rural clients who depended on wells or dugouts for home water supply. The first model of home distiller assembled by Polar Bear in 1970 was known as a 6A. Polar Bear introduced its own design of distiller in 1978. As a testimony to the lasting quality of the Polar Bear Distiller, we know of many that are still in service after 25 years.

Since 1978, the company redesigned its line of residential distillers, developed new models of distillers suitable for commercial use, and expanded the product offering to include water dispensers. Throughout the life of Polar Bear, there has always been a focus on manufacturing a product of the highest quality, a distiller that would dependably produce pure water for a long period with minimum maintenance or service required.

As the public awareness of home distillation increased, the Polar Bear Water Distiller Manufacturing Company expanded and increased capacity to meet the demand for their products. As the company grew, new partners were gained and provided the financing required to support the company. In December 2000, the company fell into troubled times and Polar Bear Water Distiller Manufacturing Co. was forced into receivership by their business bankers.

Once in receivership, the company had to close its doors. A new team of investors moved quickly to acquire the company, facility, and Polar Bear product line. The new company was established as Polar Bear Water Group (1978) Ltd. and includes a percentage of the staff from the old Polar Bear Company. By January 2001, the new owners had settled all issues relative to the old company, rehired most of the employees, and re-opened the manufacturing plant.

The fact that Polar Bear Water Group became a new company has never interfered with the service we provide to our customers. Warranties are honored, dealer relationships maintained, and material suppliers kept onboard. The purpose of this was to minimize the disruption in service caused by a temporary business shutdown. The initial goal of the Polar Bear Water Group team was to protect the excellent reputation that the Polar Bear Distiller had earned over its lifetime: still "The World's Most Respected Water Distiller".

Polar Bear Water Group continues the tradition of delivering the highest quality pure water distilling and dispensing appliances. The Polar Bear product line includes 5 home distillers of various capacities, 2 distillers designed for commercial applications, plus water dispensers, water coolers, and bottle rinsers. We continually strive to update the machines, modernizing the product where possible while improving the reliability and quality of the appliance. Polar Bear appliances continue to be manufactured in Pickardville and are certified by CSA and UL. Polar Bear Water Group (1978) Ltd. is an active supporter of the community, and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

If you have any questions about the Polar Bear Water Group, our products, our dealer network, or our ownership team, please do not hesitate to contact us. We continue to be a company dedicated to our motto: "We Care About The Water You Drink".
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