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What Distilled Water Uses

01. Provides your family with the purest drinking water, free from chemicals, impurities, pollutants
     and bad tastes.
02. Clear ice cubes.
03. Better tasting tea and coffee.
04. Use it for all cooking and baking.
05. Better juices and soups.
06. Excellent for mixing powdered milk, juice mixes and dehydrated soups.
07. Vegetables taste better, eliminates scale build-up on pots and tea kettles.
08. Use it for all infant care.
09. Excellent for low sodium diets or sensitive stomachs.
10. Pure drinking water for your pets.
11. Use it for canning fruits and vegetables.
12. Wine-making.
13. Mixing drinks.
14. Watering your plants.
15. Spraying house plants - no spotting on leaves.
16. Brushing your teeth.
17. Contact lenses.
18. Steam irons, humidifiers, vaporizers.
19. Car batteries.

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